Our school today in Podmokle Małe

The Podmokle Małe grammar school, founded in 1997 is located in a new building. Wide corridors, bright class-rooms, a club-room, cooking utensils, the gym hall and other rooms create splendid conditions for work and learning.

Children from Podmokle Małe, Podmokle Wielkie, and Laski learn at our school in years one to six.

The Teachers working at our school are:

  • Elżbieta Ryczek – the head, Integrated Teaching,
  • Gabriela Świerkowska – Integrated Teaching,
  • Halina Świtała – Integrated Teaching, Music, Education for Family Living,
  • Emilia Owczarek – Polish,
  • Małgorzata Radna – History, Art, Craft, Integrated Teaching, the school educator,
  • Bożena Mruk – Maths, Biology,
  • Marcin Białas – English,
  • Katarzyna Szarańska-Buda – German,
  • Ewa Heyduk – Religion, Informatics,
  • Waldemar Dybaś - Physical Education.

Teachers and pupils can borrow books from the school library, which is open for five hours a week. Gabriela Świerkowska is the teacher responsible for the lending library. On the school premises there is a village library that is open in the afternoons.

In the computer room there are ten computers and connection to Internet which is used by pupils and teachers. Once a week it is open to the villagers. Ewa Heyduk runs the Informatics department at the school. Pupils from higher years improve their skills and they extend their knowledge by using different programs and Internet, also take part in competitions.

For ten years we had a school shop. Pupils from higher years, under Bożena Mruk’s care, sell groceries and writing materials here. The profits from the shop are designed to help cover the cost of school trips and ceremonies. Pupils learn elements of enterprise and they use practical mathematical and informatics skills keeping the shop accounts with the help of a computer.

The Pupils Autonomy at our school works under Małgorzata Radna’s care. This year Karolina Skarbińska was voted chair. The deputy – chairwoman is Agata Piątyszek, treasurer is Anna Śledź and the secretary is Sara Gierszewska. During this school year the Pupils Autonomy took part in the organization of: Teacher’s Day, a St. Andrew’s eve disco and carnival recreation. The pupils proposed their own ideas relating to school life.

At our school children can attend outside lesson interests such as: dancing, music, school sports and corrective gymnastics.

The dance group consist of 16 girls from years 2-6, who learn dancing and perform at different school and out-of-school ceremonies. In the musical section girls attend from the 5th year. They play folk songs of our region with flutes and chromatic bells. They perform at school and give regional performances. The teacher who looks after these both sections is Halina Świtała. The teacher who looks after the school sports departments is Ireneusz Maksimczyk. Once a week about 15 children come to our gym hall, where they spend their free time playing different games. The children improve their general physical dexterity and they learn how to work in a group.

The corrective gymnastics section is managed by Magdalena Żok. The children exercise once a week in two groups: 17 and 16 pupils. Participating at gym hall and also at home the children correct the defects of their builds.